Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why does everyday feel like Monday?

This blog is pretty boring, but since its mostly for me too bad for anyone else! Nothing too exciting today. 4 and a half straight hours of trying to catch up on logs and I finally got all my home visits from last month entered in. My wrists were very achy by the time I finished up. Before that I played phone tag, answered emails, faxed paperwork, wrote court reports, etc.

Oh and I spent like 2.5 hours at drug court. Jamie's parents showed (I was wondering if they would), and looked like they must have had a big pre drug court party last night (those parties can't be that great if everyone looks like they do afterwards, guess Heroin isn't a pretty drug). They got 60 days jail time with authorization for prior release should slots come available at the residential treatment center, after they finish the treatment course offered in jail. Problem is the treatment facility will not let them be in at the same time so whichever one does better in the jail program will get the first slot available while the other has to wait an additional 30 days or until their jail sentance is finished, whichever comes first. They really need to get their butts in gear because they've already waisted 3 months of reunification services, the next 2 months could be in jail, and then they are only left with 3 more months to make significant progress in changing their lives completely around.

One of my emails today was to Celest as she is supposed to be reporting to me on Fridays and I hadn't heard from her. She responded and sent me a good report, so the cynical part of me is thinking, what is she buttering us (her team) up for this time. She reports she is in a happy place right now and she is making good choices. For Celest she makes choices based on how she is feeling. This seems a bit backwards as for myself when I make good choices I feel better about myself, not the otherway around. This leads to some pretty serious issues for Celest as she cycles pretty frequently between feeling great and tanking.

Another issue that caused me stress today was figuring out where one of my boys, Mike, was on respite. He was supposed to have family therapy today and if he didn't go there would be H E double toothpicks to pay (excuse my language). Foster mom has been having problems getting Mike to appointments, such as his therapy appointments. I had left her a message regarding today's appointment as bio mom refuses to speak directly to foster mom. (huge bad feelings between the two moms, mostly because Mike doesn't want to go home...and for good reason-long story here). Didn't know she had gone out of state and the kids were in respite. PANIC. This case is going to probably end up in some sort of trial as the GAL is filing a petition in behalf of her client (Mike) for permananet custody and guardianship. We have tried to mediate a petition twice now with no success. Mike is even more upset at his mom because he wants this to be all over with. What he really wants is to be adopted by foster mom but there isn't enough there to support TPR (again really long story). Anyways it was really important that Mike be at family therapy today. Fortunately it was all worked out and Mike made it. Don't think family therapy went all that well because bio-mom didn't have the visit afterwards. I won't know for sure because the family therapist doesn't like to communicate with me. I haven't had this problem before and it is extreemly annoying. When asked to give me an update for court, he usually ignores it. Once when threatened with a supeona he gave me a 4 sentance update. wow thats helpful.

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You are never boring!