Tuesday, February 17, 2009

letting the little things get to me

It was great to not have work yesterday. I like presidents day because I don't have any expectations or traditions for the day... a nice easy holiday. I actually did have to go in to work for a bit yesterday. Little guy had gone back to the hospital in the morning for observation before returning to the psych hospital for a seizure. They said that I had to sign him back in. Ummm Little Guy has a seizure disorder, so is this going to happen everytime he has a seizure? They also wanted me to come in person to sign him in (next county over) but just last week I was able to fax in the papers. Its a pain that I have to deal with someone different everytime I call there. I don't know how they run a place like that. It also seems that they don't know what to do with foster kids, and I'm pretty sure Little Guy isn't the first foster kid to visit. Anyways I signed the exact same papers the exact same way and faxed them over. I did put a note in the fax asking them to keep his case open the next time he seizes (usually about once a week or so) so that if the next one happens when I'm not available he can go back in without having to hang out in the regular hospital all day....

Today had court for Suzie and her family and it went fine. Afterwards they told me that some of dad's pills are missing, and they think Suzie did it. They got a new perscription filled, dad had 2 and now about half are missing. They think this coincides with Suzie moving to her new foster home which is the town next to theirs. Yep somehow she got into the house and took the pills (not all of them, just half of them), all while living a town away and on constant supervision (she is in a structured foster home). Hmmmm looks like maybe her perception of being the scapegoat isn't that far off. They did say that maybe she had one of her friends break in and do it. It is a posibility but seems a little far-fetched. Something not quite right in that family?

Got some more paperwork caught up today, sort of. Also had a team meeting. One of the people on my team got docked by CPR (one of the review processes they use here to make sure caseworkers are doing what they are supposed to do) for saying she completed the month home visits by visiting the child AT the home instead of IN the home. The reviewers said that unless she said, IN, then she might not have actually gone inside the home. I'm pretty sure that if I mark that a home visit was completed, that I went into the home, and not just stood outside to talk for 60 minutes or so, but whatever! Its one thing when review process are put in to try and help workers, give another perspective, etc. But its so stupid, and a waste of everyone's time, energy, and plain just makes me mad when its stuff like this. No way does this help a worker, or help get better outcomes for our kids. I'll know in March if I get pulled for the ickier review, QCR.


Annah said...

God bless you!
Thank you for your strenth and courage.

Cindy said...

Oddly enough I'd just been perusing your blog as well. I'd seen it from a referral to my blog. We're both in frustrating lives aren't we? It's probably not a good time to brag that all my kids behaved for most of today and we've been outside planting all day. I LOVE the outside. Love it. I'm gonna google that catalog you mentioned.