Thursday, February 19, 2009

almost through the week

Didn't get quite as much done so far this week as I'd hoped, but I'm over the last of the week, whoohoo! Got some more CFA's completed, a couple of home visits, a couple of crisis dealt with, but still way behind on my logs.

I had a good team meeting today for one of my teens, 16 year old. He is such a great kid! He is one that I want to keep even when he is ready to transition to the independent living team. It took a long time to get the appeal from TPR and everything cleared so that he could be adopted, and by that time he changed his mind. One of the other foster teens told him he could get a lot more $$ and stuff by staying in foster care. This, of course is true, but I think he also has rethought the finality of cutting off his mom, even though she is soo mentally ill. He is such a good kid and feels a lot of responsibility for his mom. Its sad, but the fact that he cares is also what makes him so endearing.

I also had a home visit with Greg, and while he is improving, I really worry that the criminal thinking and victim mentality will end up dictating the rest of his life. Greg's mom was picked up for paraphenelia and I'm trying to decide how much to tell Freeda's adoptive parents as they have an open adoption with the mom.

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