Friday, April 17, 2009

not bad

Been awhile since I posted anything, but things are going pretty good. Found a good home for Suzie when I was disparing of finding anything to meet her needs. The home has been fostering awhile, but not kids like Suzie. The fostermom seems on top of things and is geting some extra training so it should work out. At any rate finding this home is a huge relief!

My mom stopped by on her way through the state to take my little sister to college and I had just completed a home visit in a pretty large family with bio children and foster boys. My mom was suprised that anyone with young kids would take on teens. I guess I just take it for granted. Its a good thing some families do this otherwise most of my teens wouldn't have homes. I think its more of a personality and home set up that makes fostering work, not having an 'ideal' situation whatever that is. However I do worry that someday the supervision will slack a little as they become complacent and one of the little kids will be at risk. Its something I always worry about.

Sister is still doing well in her home. In this state there are some agencies that primarily use foster homes of a minority. These homes are generally awesome. The one problem I see is a language barrier. Most of my kids are Caucasions (ok currently all are) and speak only English. I only speak English and sometimes its hard for the families to understand what I'm saying. I just had an issue with trying to figure out a perscription, pharmacy, medicaid situation that I'm still confused about. I asked the agency to look into it as I don't think the family understands what I'm asking or recommending. This is frustrating, but if the family works out for Sister, then its the least of my worries.

Little Guy continues to do really well. I feel that now his agency and home are going to be able to really work with him as he is more aware and responding well to people. He will always be a bit quirky (high functioning autistic or maybe aspergers) but everyone that works with him -including me- really falls for the guy.

Jake and Celia's dad is back in jail for relapse, so is Jamie's mom. Actually those two "hooked up" in rehab and relapsed together. so wrong on so many levels including they are both married. I heard that rehab is a good dating service....

Jake and Celia are likely going out of state on an "extended visit" with maternal grandma since I haven't gotten the ICPC back. that process is sooooo slow and cumbersome. this gives their parents another month to try and have some stable housing and progress in treatment. sure hope they do as these kids want to be with their parents, more so then others I've worked with.

Mike's case continues to drag on. Team meetings are ridiculous. I really should rotate the case. Its my longest case (went to drug court for about 4 months in the middle) and I got it right after i finished training. I feel that someone with a new perspective might be better, but we have trial in August and so it doesn't make that much sense to switch it off. I hate transitioning cases. I feel such responsibility (and a bit proprietary) about my cases, but sometimes its a good thing. The problem is that I know if Freeda's case had gone to another worker she would've gone home instead of TPR and adoption. However proving me right is that the Freeda's (and Greg's) mom is relapsed and in jail AGAIN and so I feel that I made the right choice by staying on as the "evil, baby stealing, controlling" case worker that I am.

With Brian's case closed and more budget cuts I'm getting at least one new case sometimes soon.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

better mood

So I think I was just really onry yesterday. My coworker was really greatful for my help and gave me a hug and then a cupcake. I'm not real demonstrative but appreciated the sentament. The cupcake was very tasty, so apparently I'm easily bought by some chocolate lovin.

I also was able to get more done on my garden because I got some help. The others in my home aren't really garden savy, but I'd already marked out where I needed holes dug and had more then one shovel. I ordered way too many plants from some of the cheapy catalogs, and they all came at once. I'm sure there is a lesson in there somewhere. I was extreemly proud of myself for not stopping to buy more today. i have a problem i'm willing to admit it, but not really do anything about it. I work with much worse addictions everyday.

I helped out another coworker today with some other documents. I found I'm much more motivated to do others' work then my own. I'm a master procrastinator for my own stuff and so doing someone else's work is great because then it seems like a legitamit way to put off my logs. unfortunately that backfires on me regularly.

Sister is finally getting enrolled in school. Can't locate a new foster home for Suzie, well found a couple of homes but none are a good fit. Suzie's mom and dad appear to be trying to work things out and get mom's mental state back under control.

Very worried about Jake and Celia's case, because their short term placement is coming to an end, but parents aren't in a place to take care of them yet. This one is getting way stressful.

Heard from the daughter of one of Celest's placements that they would be interested in adopting her, now that Sophie isn't able to pass a homestudy. I'll talk to Celest about it, but I think at this point she is ready just to move on to independent living programs. Nonetheless its got to be better knowing that people out there want to help her.

Held court for the L kids and something good is half way to happening. Its a strange case, but its going to be a happy ending. These kids were horrifically abused and almost didn't make it. Well the 2 older ones almost didn't make it. They are all recovering but the youngest will probably have the most long term damage because she was made to have a hand in the abuse. That is almost more horrifying to me.

Ashton's mom is writing more crazy emails and making life difficult for my supervisor and the foster mom. She has so much hate and anger towards me that she doesn't deign to communicate with me. Unfortunately for her, I'm actually rather grateful! Also, she was TPR'd (Ashton was wanting to be adopted, but changed his mind during the forever appeal process and as he is an older teen he gets to decide that) so I don't really worry about what she says.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ups and downs

Little Guy is doing so much better, better then I've ever seen him before. He is still funny and quirky, but he was interacting more with me and the other kids, and his smile could've lit up the world! Its amazing how much meds can help kids, and can really screw them up when their off.

Sister although bored is doing fine so far in her new placement. They let her set up an email account and she is really enjoying that. I figure it can only help her writing and reading so as long as they monitor it its great. Funny thing about sister is she only calls me after 8pm. I answered the first few days after placement, but now I'm not happy with this pressadent.

Then their are the other clients who habitually call me after hours, Saturdays and Sunday, who aren't low functioning... ok maybe I should rethink that statement.

Poor Suzie is having problems. She has done so much better regulating her emotions and everything these last two weeks. Then her foster home broke the news that they are moving and I need to find a new placement asap as they don't know when they will be leaving. ok. so I talked with the consultants and explained what I'm looking for... I would like to order Basically the same foster home, thanks. But they were fresh out. I do have some options and will see what turns up.

The other situation for Suzie is her mom left her dad and took the brother with her. Actually Suzie has it a little easier because she is in a stable home, while brother is stuck between mom (who is probably going through a manic phase) and dad (who has anger issues). As much as you would think I'd be decensitized to something as minor as divorce, the emotional devestation I saw in this kid was heart wrenching.

I had two clients hook up in rehab. Problem is thats against the rules. Other problem is they shared pills. Another problem: they are both married and not to each other. Intersting that just the relapse part came up to their spouses. The one was sooo out of it running into walls, stumbling etc and then denied there was a problem... They were both kicked out, and not for the relapse or even the hook up, but for not being honest about it. They are still in such addict mentality.

Brian's case closed! It was either DCFS pays for high cost placement, or we give him another shot with his mom and he can go to JJS. I just don't think a truancy case should've come into DCFS custody. The Judge agreed. I wished him luck and told him he has the chance to make it work at home. I don't think he actually will start going to school and behaving. 3 years ago I probably would've made a different decission, based on that knowledge, but now I feel that DCFS resources should be wisely used for kids who've been abused and neglected.

Today I was a bit frustrated with a coworker. I was helping that person out as they were behind and I've been working for a couple of days on this needed document for an upcoming review and its due tomorrow. I was frustrated because all of a suden it hit me that I was tired of it, its not my case, its not like this coworker is going to read this document, and I'm at the office working late to get it done and coworker isn't. I need to be more understanding as coworker has a lot on her plate. But I kept thinking of how I'm not exactly caught up on everything myself, and I'm at the office everyday, and often stay late. Coworker isn't. To be honest I was annoyed because I'm also behind with my gardening and daylight hours were wasting!