Thursday, February 12, 2009

violent workers

Yesterday I went to a training on "worker violence" I was excited because I thought we would be learning how to do it appropriately. However, it was on violence against workers which is a much less pleasant topic. One of my favorite quotes for the day was "if you continue working in this field, you will have a gun pulled on you." With budgets tight maybe the powers that be were thinking this helpful topic could make it so they don't actually need to fire anyone. I don't know about the other workers, but getting shot/stabbed/threatened is one of the least of my worries, what with the pile of documentation on my desk that threatens to smother me every single day.

Thats pretty much all I did today and yesterday.....catch up on paperwork. Funny thing that it doesn't seem like I get any closer to actually catching up. I finished up some service plans, and some CFA's including team meeting notes today. I'm only have a supervised visit scheduled tomorrow, but should probably see about scheduling this month's home visits as by Monday we are more then half way through February.

Celest stopped by my office yesterday. She is starting EMDR every Tuesday and I'm very hopeful that it will help her stay on track a bit longer. Although she was upbeat and talkative, she also looked tired. Thats not good. I know I'm not my best self when I get tired, hungry, etc but it seems these kids react way worse to those circumstances. I hope its not a warning of things to come.

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FaerieMama said...

I hear you with the paperwork. I honestly can't think of anything worse. I'd rather face a litany of threats or worse, than have to fill out one more freaking page of paperwork!