Tuesday, February 3, 2009

placement shmacement

So finding a home for Suzie was more difficult then I had hoped. I had two posibilities going into today, but neither of them returned my phone calls. ( I had called them on Thursday, spoke to one on Friday, and then called again today) hmmm that should've been a clue for me that perhaps they aren't interested? The foster family coordinator let me know that one for sure was out later this evening.

So then I had the current foster family take Suzie to the short term shelter, but when she got there they called me (9pm) to say they didn't have room. I had called about 5:30 to let them know she was coming and they said they did have room, but apparently the message didn't get to the intake people. Fortunately they said they would keep her even though they were over as I had called earlier (gald I did that!). I'm also glad the foster dad stuck to his guns and said they couldn't take her back as they tried to pressure him to do so.

The placement has really not worked out, and the communication between me and the home has been all kinds of mixed up. They told me they didn't feel they could care for her, but said it wasn't an emergency. This evening they called their foster coordinator and my supervisor to tell them I wasn't doing my job to get Suzie to a new placement. However when I called them to let them know they were to take Suzie to the shelter (as we had talked about last week if she was too much to handle) they were again reluctant to do so. This left me very confused! I had hoped to have a placement for Suzie today, but as they know she isn't an easy child, and so its not suprising that its hard to find a home. Also though, if things were really as dire as they told my supervisor and their coordinator why didn't they take her to the shelter earlier? They tell me things are hard, but their ok to continue, and they tell others that theings are horrible and don't understand why I haven't moved her. Ok, enough venting. She is at the shelter tonight and hopefully everything will be taken care of tomorrow!

On the bright side I did get one CFA updated today. One down 15 more to go.

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Lisa said...

Hoping you find a placement for Suzie today. My kid spent a lot of time in emergency shelters because the families couldn't take her behaviors. This was from 0-5 as I got her when she was 5. She was challenging to say the least.
You're doing a great job!