Friday, June 5, 2009

it seems I've stagnated. in this blog, in my job. I just want people to stop calling me, stop having problems, stop complaining, stop messing up, stop acting criminally, stop expecting something different, and on and on and on and on. I just want to stay and work in my garden.

Even when something dies or doesn't do welll, I can either just pull it out or get something new. Its just a lot more rewarding!

It just seems that it never ends, and is getting somewhat repetative.

visitation issues between foster family, bio family, posible adoptive placement for Sister. saw it coming but there is nothing to do about it as everyone plays their roles out. Continued visitation issues on several other cases.

Two new PSA cases where the families are new, but the excuses and blaim game are all old, and tired. Its everyone else's fault, they don't really have a problem, they are great moms, etc, etc, etc.

One young mother bent on self destruction, she doesn't really want to be a mom, why doesn't she stop pretending and stop waisting everyone's time and energy.

Teens continuing to make poor choices and stay on the path their birth parents were on, the parents that put them on this path.

relapses and excuses in a couple of drug court cases. Families falling apart.


Brenda said...

Sounds depressing. :( You should take a vacation....and just hang out in your garden.
It sounds like things are hard right now....I hope this next week brings happier days.
Or at least some really good laughs...that always seem to help me when I can get some irrational giggling in my week. Watch Lemony Snickets....makes me laugh everytime! Seriously...I hope things get better soon...or at least you feel better. I realize wishing all your cases "get better" is a pretty irrational wish. Hang in are reallly good at what you do!

Lisa said...

I hate it when everyone doesn't "act right" too. It's so frustrating.

Hoping you can catch a break this weekend.

I've missed hearing from you.

Deborah said...

Well, it all sounds pretty normal, but every once in awhile something good happens, someone makes a good decision, or by some miracle people try to get along for the kids...I know, few and far between, but I'm trying to be optimistic!
It could be worse could be the foster parent with the kids living in your house, trying to get ahold of a social worker who doesn't return calls.;0)

Oldqueen44 said...

Don't you just love loyal dependable dogs that you can say go lay down to and then say come here when you want to and no matter what it is all OK?
Go garden with your dog by your side.