Monday, July 13, 2009

just keeps on going

Nothing too new going on for me. Some cases are going better, others not so much. Close some cases, get some new ones. I left for a vacation and Suzie moved foster homes while I was gone. Its very frustrating when a foster home asks for a kid to be moved when they are exhibiting the behaviors that were very throughly laid out before placement. Suzie has made improvements in some areas but continues to struggle with stuff that won't make for a very successful life.

Greg is continuing on with criminal behaviors. Not sure if he is going to end up in DT or a group home but at this rate he isn't going to be able to stay in his foster home.

Little Jamie's coming up for permanency in a couple of weeks. Dad is still in jail, mom was kicked out of drug court and overdosed a few times, but is now in a private treatment center and is starting work on her service plan. So eventhough its soooooo last minute, still will probably recommend continuing reunification until the 12 month mark as thats what the AG in their courtroom likes to do.

Celest is not happy with staying where she is. Its a tiny little town and everyone knows everyone and so she can't really get away with anything. She was so adament about not going with what looked like a great option a couple of months ago, but all of a sudden changed her mind last week. hmmmm wonder why? then she proceeded to tell foster mom, therapist, and me that she had always wanted to do that. Not going to get away with that sister. We were all there in the last two team meetings where you talked about how that was the last thing you ever wanted to do. I felt bad telling her its no longer an option. Even though I'm evil I don't like making people cry.

Ashton had his team meeting today. He is doing well and so doesn't get a lot of notice on my blog. I mention him because my new supervisor came in at the end of our meeting. That was weird. My old supervisor would only come to the "icky" ones, even though she was invited to all of them. She was really laid back and so its going to take some getting used to.

Still lots of drama with Sister and the issues between foster mom, adoptive mom, and the agency. I get tired of people asking me for direction, then ignoring it, then getting upset when things aren't going their way. I feel like telling people it doesn't matter what I think you should do since you're going to do whatever you want to anyways! I get very frustrated because although I don't know everything, I've actually had more experience then the average person off the street. Its good that these people care and are trying to do what they feel is in the child's best interest, but I actually know what I'm talking about! I've been sister's case worker for 4 years and so although I'm not going to adopt her, I know quite a bit about her, her needs, her history, her patterns of behaviors, etc. grrrr

I'm not happy with either of my new in-home cases. both are not following through, and in huge denial. I'm thinking I like out of home better then in home cases, but maybe its because these two are just not going to get better any time soon.

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Hi Evil One! I love your blog and learn alot about what SW'ers go through. I wanted to let you know I am giving you a blog award. You can get it by going to this link.

Thanks for your great posts...and keep them coming. :)